Keto Mayo and/or Deviled Eggs

Low Carb Bread

Psyllium Husk                    2/3 Cup

Almond Flour                     3/4 Cup

Coconut Flour                     2 Tbsp.

Chia Seeds                         1/4 Cup

Flax Seed Powder              2 Tbsp.

Salt                                     1/2 tsp.

Baking Powder                    2 tsp.

Dry Yeast                            1 tsp.

Honey                                  1 tsp.

Water                                  1/2 Cup

Coconut Oil                          3 Tbsp.

Parmesan Cheese               30 g

Butter                                    24 g

Eggs                                      4 

Coconut Milk                         1/2 Cup

Cheddar Cheese (grated)     30 g

             While I would not expect anyone to use these exact ingredients, I wanted to show the way I throw things together with my Keto Cooking.  I have fun combining 2, 3 or more other recipes that I find interesting. I take the best of each and try it. This loaf turned out great. I love a dense, grainy bread to make  grilled cheese in a pan of butter.

     I Know... I'm not suppose to use honey. The little bit in this recipe is minimal and I like to see how it feeds the yeast in warm water.  I let it rise after I mixed all the ingredients for an hour. I should have left it longer as it didn't rise in that amount of time. Hey, I'm Keto Cooking. - no rules. Other breads don't even call for yeast so I started the bake.

                        Loaf       Slice 30 g

Kcals               1,197            79

Fat                     160             6.4 g

Net Carbs             41            1.7 g

Protein                  75             3.0 g


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Keto Fun

February 15, 2017
I'm still having loads of fun with the ketogenic diet. When I first started, I would eat 3 meals a day and maybe a snack. I would stay within the ranges of 70% fat,  20% protein and 10 % carbs. I lost weight continually.  As my huger diminished. I went to 2 meals a day and no snack. It was easy and I always enjoyed my meals. Presently, while my workload is easier, I am having a bullet coffee for both breakfast and lunch; no meals. I then will have a bigger dinner and maybe a connecting snack/dessert. I've lost 21kg and still losing a little each week.

I really enjoy putting together meals. I kind a sketch in what I would like to eat on my food app,  It's a great app for me.  After I have the food sketched in, I can see about where I am with my macros. I can then adjust as need to reach the desired macros. I also really enjoy throwing different combinations together. For example, I saw on YouTube a guy used cauliflower for pizza crust. What I really liked is that he did not boil in, so it wasn't soggy. He pan fried it to get even more water out. He used fewer eggs and used Parmesan cheese instead of mozzarella for the crust only.  While I like his idea, I decided to mix 1/2 cauliflower and 1/2 almond flour.  I like experimenting with little things like that. I know I like all the foods I put in, so how could it go wrong? Right?  Soon I will be organized and get some of the recipes posted :)


Keto Fun Blog Test

February 12, 2017
Testing bugs in the blog...

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Future Posts

February 9, 2017
I'm not sure this Blog is fully functional. I may have to add Tumblr at a later date.

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Steps to Starting Keto and More

February 9, 2017

Starting Keto and More 



·       Watch any YouTube videos with Dr. Stephen Phinney and/or Dr. Jeff Volek.

·       Expand your learning with others as you grow. Subscribe to YouTube - Low Carb Down Under

·       Understand that there is a lot to learn about how your body reacts to this lifestyle change. It's fun, embrace it. 


·       Surround yourself with Keto friendly foods ahead of time so you have healthy choices. There are many lists available...Google

· ...

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