New photos 3/25/2017

                                       From this......                                                                              To this!


98g Broccoli - 30g Butter - 65g Kimchi - 30g Cheese - 30g Butter & Coconut oil for cooking
89g Avocado Mayo - 30g Olives - 11g Swiss - 145g Radish
55g Mushrooms - 134g Salmon - 2g salt
Avocado Mayo
- 1 Egg - 1/4 Cup Olive Oil - 1 Avocado 134g
1/4 tsp Salt - 5g Wasabi -15g Parmesan - 10g Chia Seeds -
1g Pepper - 2g Cilantro

               Everything is eaten out of the cast iron skillet.                    It stays warn throughout dining.
Thin layer of:                                                                             17g butter on the bottom of the bowl                                         Topped with 17g nut butter (homemade)                                      Add 17g of almonds & 20g of macadamia nuts                         10g of cheddar cheese & 3 chopped black olives


After having been in ketosis for over 5 months,

it's easy to intermittent fast

and have only 1 or 2 meals a day.

It can be fun to load up once in a while!

Cooking on the grill.

It's easy to add lots of butter.

Asian white radish looks and tastes a little like potatoes.


Keto Bread           87g        Brussel Sprouts  50g       Avocado         74g
Swiss Cheese      16g        Bacon                   50g       Butter             20g
Thin Steak            88g        Mushrooms         21g       Black Olives   15g
Macadamia Nuts  20g        Almonds              18g       Butter             20g
Pumpkin Seeds   16g        Chocolate            10g       Almond Milk     5 oz



Swiss Cheese - Steak Sandwiches on Keto Bread

Bacon & Steak Wrapped Brussel Sprouts
Avocado with Butter & Salt
Macadamia Nuts - Almonds - Pumpkin Seeds - Butter & Chocolate
Mushrooms & Black Olives
Matcha Green Tea and Almond Milk